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Our products are selected in many industries, especially in fields that require high stability and reliability.
  • Shinkansen

    Machine Tool

    Provide reassurance on your production line with stable operation and predictive maintenance
  • Train Channel


    Support safety and normal operation on social and transportation infrastructure


    Electoronic Toll Collection System
  • Health Care and IoT

    Health Care and IoT

    Our products underpin the health care of the future
  • Logistic Solutions

    Logistic Solutions

    Real time managing solutions for logistic.
  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    Our networked digital signage solutions


  • Shinkansen

    VWF "Virtual Write Filter"

    System Protection under power fault.

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In our survey, we hold No1 market share of Industrial Flash Storage in Japan.
Our company realized the possibility of flash memory in 1995 and started the development of Industrial Flash Storage controller IC and Products.
We continue to challenge developing “HIGH QUALITY” Industrial Flash Storage.


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